Priordei is the name of the brand of extra virgin olive oil from Catalonia that comes from the depths of the land of the Serra de Montsant Natural Park, in the Priorat region. An oil of an unique quality, excellent. Made with olives born in a unique environment of peace, where the olive trees age in peace, away from any environmental pollution, sound or light. A space of particular beauty

Our olive trees look out over cliffs, ravines and gorges. They are the reflection of an almost heroic work on the land, which started in 1789. Priordei is the result of a collective effort of ten generations that has crossed the border of time lines to leave a legacy in the country and in the last batch of the family line

A small miracle, arising from the effort, work and illusions of the family

Perhaps because it was born in a revolutionary period, Priordei has a spirit of innovation, improvement and permanent self-demand. We work together with restaurateurs who have achieved the highest international recognition, giving life to new dishes. With prestigious pastry chefs we have created unique sweets. With farm food producers who use our oil to enhance the flavour of their products.

The family works to find new formulas that allow us to bring our oil closer to consumers. The commitment to innovation in the olive field focuses on collaboration agreements with other highly reputable brands. Together, we seek to enhance the flavour of existing products or create new ones

At Priordei we like to work with the best restaurateurs of catalan cuisine. We are present in the kitchens of eight of the best chefs in the country. We contribute to enriching your dishes and we listen to your advice and opinions, in a process of continuous improvement on both sides.