The Priorat of Oil

The Serra de Montsant Natural Park lies at the heart of the Priorat region. The mountain is literally divided into two sub-regions: on one side is the Priorat of Wine and on the other The Priorat of Oil. They tell us the story of a fertile territory rich in pleasant experiences for our senses.

Our natural heritage is completed by an important architectural legacy, closely linked to the foundation of the Escala Dei Monastery. Situated at the edge of the protected natural area, this was the first monastery established by the Order of St. Bru on the Iberian Peninsula. The Monastery not only supported the repopulation of the territory after the Saracen occupation, but acted at the same time as a place for spiritual rest, where silence and reflection temper the heart and the mind.

PRIORDEI today leads a project that aims to combine the tradition of wine with the fruit of the olive trees: a Priorat with two slopes that coexist in perfect harmony and feed each other. We want to transform this area in the southern regions into an International point of reference for gastronomy and organic farming, and promote the culture of oil, which is at the heart of Mediterranean culture.