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Extra virgin olive oil, apart from being satisfying to the palate and senses, is a veritable fountain of health. It benefits the digestive system, relieves acidity to reduce stomach ulcers, helps prevent gall stones, assists in the absorption of nutrients, helps waste pass through the digestive tract, etc.

The natural juice of the olive also contains vitamins A, D, E and K. Vitamin A helps with growth, vision, skin and a general resistance to infection. Vitamin D is essential in helping bones absorb minerals. Vitamin E protects cells against oxidation from various chemicals. Vitamin K is an important factor in blood clotting.

Raw oil helps regulate the intestinal tract and aids in the digestion and absorption of helpful nutrients. It’s great for people with cardiovascular disease; the extra virgin olive oil lowers bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol.

Olive oil also helps reduce the effects of aging and memory loss in the elderly. It can also aid in the prevention of certain types of cancer and decreases the risk of heart attack, thereby increasing the life expectancy of its consumers.

There is also proof that when meat is cooked with olive oil, there is an exchange of fats between the meat and oil. This can decrease the amount of saturated fat in the meat.
Extra virgin olive oil is the best vegetable fat that we can have and is a nice gift to our health
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