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Priordei Excellence

The Excellence

PRIORDEI Excellence is the first Extra Virgin Olive Oil that has never lost the cold chain since it was made. It is then, the first Extra Virgin Olive Oil that can only be found in the open coolers at the best supermarkets and gourmet stores. Before opening it, leave it for a couple of hours at room temperature. Once opened, we guarantee that PRIORDEI Excellence, maintains the same physicchemical and organoleptic properties as it had when it was made the first day.

The Harvest

Harvested at the end of October and selected from the best estates in the Priorat, in Catalonia, PRIORDEI Excellence, is the maximum expression regarding to olive oil.

A Real Cold Extraction

Extracted with a method, which assures no centrifuge machines, guarantees a real 100% cold extraction preserving all the aroma and freshness of the best Arbequina Early Harvest EVOO.

It's Use

PRIORDEI Excellence is recommended as a finishing oil, in cold and cooked dishes, such as salads, pasta, vegetables, carpaccios, baked fish, grilled meat, or just with bread.

The Secret

Just after being processed, PRIORDEI Excellence is kept in refrigerated 50.000 liters inox tanks until it is bottled in cans. Transport is also done under cool means until you find it on the shelf. With a maximum acidity of 0,15% and very low peroxides, PRIORDEI Excellence is synonym of quality and distinction.

- Technical data sheet PRIORDEI Excellence.


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